That was the week that was - Week 5

Irish streaker at the Boat race! Celtic gallop away with a one horse race! Sean Locke fails to pick a winner!! Man City blow title challenge!

Well it had to happen I suppose, Sean couldn’t quite summon up another winner this week meaning his lead has been cut to just the odd £5.66. It’s halfway and still looking good for him.

The Pele league was a bit of a damp squib this week with just 3 winners. Ben Warman bringing in the best haul with the Spurs draw at Sunderland @ 3.4. Nick Lines and Paul Shakespeare being the other two winners. It’s very tight at the top with just 23p between top and third.

Matthew Gibbons is riding high in the Maradona league having had a very Good Friday picking Shrewsbury’s early weekend 1-0 win. Followed by Jimmy Smith who went very safe this week with Man utd. Craig Lowe had one of the picks of the week latching onto Liverpool’s poor run and predicting the draw with Villa this took him up to 3rd and in with an outside shout at promotion.

The Dalglish league looks sewn up by Sean Locke with his 11.50 looking insurmountable. But Robert Paton is giving it a go picking Charlton to win and bringing him within 8.00 of the leader. A mention for one of the two remaining members of the 100% club Martyn Cornwell. His 5th winning pick this week going French with Montpellier keeps him in with a chance of sneaking 2nd if others slip up.

The Shearer league had just one winner this week. So big shout out to the Phil Smith massive!!! He picked West Brom’s demolition of Blackburn to move him to joint top place with 1.00. Jonathan Dunk being the other.

The Lineker league had no winners nada -zilch -zip –nought- nil -nothing -no-one-zero. But it only had 2 pickers in the first place. Andy Ewart is the only player in positive figures. So all to play for, for a shrewd picker.

Al Smith looks down on the rest of the Gascoigne league with a £4.04 lead, another win this week choosing Athletic  Bilboa’s 1-0 win over Sevilla. Darryn Cook puts pressure on for the runners up spot with a solid Stoke win at home to Wolves. Just 31p the difference now. Graham got the league’s best pick with Aberdeen’s win @3.00.

He’s got a pineapple on his head....etc etc. My how we laughed at Jason Lee.... those were the days. Never have so few been so far in front of so many! With just 4 pickers this week and a 50% success rate it was the top two who yet again picked the winners. Meaning that barring any Wigan like winning shockers these two are shoe ins for promotion. Steve Tester is the other member of the 100% club with this week’s win for the Arsenal @1.37 keeping him going steadily in second. At the top James Holland got West Ham’s mauling of Barnsley to take him over the £5.00 mark and third in the Overall league.

But beware gentlemen!!!!!!

 Look over your shoulders, for in the Holdsworth league waiting to join the fray shortly are two demon pickers. COYS87, an unusual name at that, weighed in with the Real Madrid draw at a whopping 6.00. And Ian Menzies and his knowledge of Scottish football picked out Clyde’s win at home to Stranraer be afraid, be very afraid....these guys are coming to get you...very soon.....

(this last paragraph is best read while playing Land of Hope and Glory in the background)

In summary fellow pickers be brave... there is, in a lot of cases, nothing to lose so pick big, pick bold, pick proud.  Look the world in the eye and say ‘YES! I really did think that Sporting Gijon would thrash Real Madrid and I stand by my convictions. YES! I predict that Wolves will come good against Manchester City despite the fact that they haven’t won for what seems like eons.

 Be proud to stand out, people may mock you and look down at your pick but stand tall puff out your chest and say NO! You can mock me, but I am bigger than that. My picks may not be everybody’s choice but I am different, I am thinking outside of the box I can take everything you can throw at me on the chin..... just like Tulisa did!!!!!

As Churchill said .......(oh yes!)

We shall go on to the end. We shall fight at Old Trafford, we shall fight on the stands and the terraces, we shall fight with growing confidence and Peter Crouch in the air, we shall defend our choices, whatever the cost may be. We shall fight on the penalty area, we shall fight on the center circle, we shall fight on the field and in the tunnel, we shall fight with our hearts and our minds; we shall never surrender, we shall overcome the growing odds and make the best pick of all time.

Ladies &Gentlemen to horse.

Time for my tablets. Cheers Al


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