Season 4 - Week 10

The beauty of your season being over going into the last week is that you can sit back and enjoy the last week throw up it's normal twists and turns and not really care, safe in the knowledge that you've ended in positive figures mid-table in the top flight.  For those more concerned with their own last week trials and tribulations let me summarise the frollicks that went on in week 10.

Twist number 1

Having dominated all season and seen his safety first strategy give him a practically unassailable lead at the top Nick Lines (9/10 + £6.50) saw his season blown apart by an outrageous 6.00 shot from Ross Jones (Portsmouth at home), who comes from nowhere to win the league (6/9 +£7.71).

Twist Number 2

Having built an unassailable lead at the top from outrageous long-shots, aways and draws, Andrew Wickett fails to win promotion from the Lee League when his home banker (Berwick 1.25) failed to come in

Twist Number 3

Having failed miserably for 3 seasons Tim Hughes comes 4th overall and ends on an impressive +£4.20, but fails to get out of the Lee League because of an outrageous 7.00 shot (West Ham away) and brilliantly his own team (Portsmouth) beating Man U to take Stephen Rodgers and Ross Jones above him.

Twist number 4

Having won the overall league just 2 seasons ago David Pilkington now ends bottom of the overall league with his only success coming from autopicks!  Ending an impressive -£7.42 David is truly a failure.

Twist number 5

Having looked all but relegated 4 weeks ago Jimmy "phoenix" Smith heroically has fought back to +£2.45 and promotion back to the top flight.

Summary 1st Ross Jones, 2nd Nick Lines, 3rd Steven Rodgers

Pele League

Won at a canter by Nick Lines, from an impressive David Lloyd in second place (+£3.97), only Tony Southworth and Matt Gibbons managed positive figures amongst the others.  James Holland and Chris Cornwall would have escaped relegation with a winner, but failed to deliver, allowing Paul Chadbourne to survive despite an embarassing -£4.63

Lineker League

Nick Kelly wins a deserving promotion, and although a winner would have given him a top three finish overall, he can be pleased with his season.  Jimmy Smith's remarkable rise denies Richard Ingham, Joel Wrigley and Rob Noyce top flight predicting.  Richard Ingham (+£6.40 in the all-time league) will be particularly missed in the top flight.  David Pilkington drops into the Dickov League following an embarassing season, joined by Steve Reeve, who despite a winner could not catch Simon Gurd.

Dickov League

A storming end to the season by Pete Finch and Ben Gould has secured promotion, well clear of Paul Shakespeare (who ends in positive figures for the first time).  Matt Britcliife gets relegated by a record £5.34!  Nik Simms, with a cracking Bolton away pick, pulls clear of relegation, ending a mere tuppance ahead of Paul Hickey.  An escape worthy of Houdini.

Lee League

You have to feel sorry for Tim Hughes who ended on an impressive +£4.20 and Andrew Wickett +£4.02, but hats off to Ross Jones and Steven Rodgers who spotted the long-shots and gained promotion with a couple of outrageous picks.  Dean Lemm and Matt Bailey end with winners, but it was not enough to escape the relegation spots.

Cup Competition

Winners in bold

Andrew Wickett (Berwick) L v W Darren Clare (Raith Rovers)

Paul Hickey (Morton) W v W Matt Bailey (Celtic)

Steven Rodgers (West Ham) W v L Ian Booth (Blackburn)

Gary Lewis (Liverpool) W v W Tim Hughes (Partick/QoS draw)

Ross Jones (Birmingham) L v W Jake Jones (Liverpool)

Dean Lemm (Morton) W v L Craig Lowe (Huddersfield)

Nik Simms (Bolton) W v L Matt Britcliffe (Berwick)


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