Title Under Locke & Key?? - Week 4

OMG!! He only went and did it again! Not content with last week’s momentous pick of Wigan to win at Liverpool this week Sean Locke follows it up with a great Brentford win over league one promotion hopefuls MK dons @5.5. This puts him way out in front on 12.50 and there was I thinking he’d play it safe.

In this week when 64% of pickers were successful there wasn’t that much movement in the leagues.

Pele league saw the top 2 swap places again. Blackley takes a narrow lead by 15p from Virdi. Delahunt made up ground in 3rd with the Newcastle win.  7 successful  pickers in the top league.

Maradona  league stayed as was with Matthew gibbons leading the way, but the gap between 1st & 2nd is now down to 36p.

The Dalglish league is where Sean Locke has taken a 10.20 lead over Robert Paton who took second from Martyn Cornwell (despite his 4th winning pick).

The Alan Shearer was the one place that did get a shake up this week. Jonathon Dunk had the weeks best pick with a QPR win over [email protected] 6.00. This took him to the top with 2.00 Tim Lines drops to 2nd with Phil Smith going up to 3rd while David Lloyd drops to 4th.

The Lineker league only had one person picking this week. So big up Tony Southworth who not only picked when all others failed to he also won picking Bolton’s away win at Wolves. He stays 3rd though but has closed the gap.

Gazza league’s top two have swapped places first spot taken by Al Smith who kept faith with Rangers to beat  Motherwell. The big mover was Daniel Cook who went up from 8th to 4th just 1.10 behind his dad Darryn in 3rd.

The Jason Lee league stays unchanged as well with both the top 2 picking well. James Holland is still over £2 in front.

In the Overall league it’s the Sean Locke show, and with 6 weeks left in the season the sky is the limit. At this rate we could see our first £20 plus winner!!

As we said Jonathan Dunk weighed in with the top pick at QPR at 6.00.  Sean Locke picks Brentford to beat MK Dons  @ 5.50. After that Ian Booth’s Carlisle pick won at 3.00. and loads of you saw that Bolton would beat Wolves at 3.00. Robert Paton, Ayako Ono, Tony Southworth, Daniel Cook, Duncan.

Only 3 people left in the 100% gang. Virdi, Cornwell & Tester. Who will be the last one standing?

I do remember asking last week who Wigan played next. Why didn’t I listen to my own advice!!

Good Luck to you all.



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