The season so far - Week 3

Ross Jones leads the way thanks to a monumental Sunderland v Man City pick in week 1.  That £6.50 gain allied to a small winner in week 3 sees him over £4 clear at the top.  A disappoining season for almost everyone else sees Sohail Virdi in second with just £1.59.... I guess you can only beat what is in front of you, but it has been tricky predicting conditions, and that is borne out by the fact that 38/69 have picked losers all three weeks!!!

What uniform medicrity (Jones aside) does give is excitingly tight leagues, and the Pele League is no exception with the top 4 separated by a mere 60p.  James Delahunt (winner of the overall title in Season 20) is now looking to add the Pele League title to his haul.  Alan Blackley (2nd highest pick ever with a 13.00 pick a few seasons back) and Ian Booth (Pele League winner in Season 15) join Sean Lock in the chasing pack.

Picks of the (first three) week(s)

Ross Jones leads the way with his 7.50 pick, but notable picks from Chrissy Blackers and Jon Dunk in week 3 (Liverpool v Stoke draw 4.50) and Chris Blackley (Notts County away win in the cup 4.00).  Beyond that there are few big picks, with Sean Locke, Robert Paton and Dean Jones the only others to breach 3.00


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