Nerves at the top - Week 9

Nerves at the top

The top four in the overall league and the top two in the Pele League all lost in a week of missed oppornity..... which largely makes my analysis redundant, you could just re-read what I wrote last week!

Grant Elder sort of benefits in the overall league, being the only player in the top 8 of the overall league to win, but he is still £3 adrift of the overall league, so our resident shouty Scotsman is still a long way from a maiden title.

It is a different story in the Pele League though, the previously archetypal two horse race has been blown open by the top two losing and Robert Kean coming from nowhere to pull within 52p of the leader with a magical Kilmarnock v Dundee draw.

Picks of the week

Robert Kean's hope giving draw pick was the equal best pick of the week, with Robert Paton's Boro away winner (both 3.40).  In a tough week for pickers Dave Horseman & James Delahunt both picked Colchester away at 3.00.and were the only other players to breach the 3.00 mark.



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