An intense battle - Week 8

An intense battle is forming at the top of the overall league with Alan Blackley only 79p clear of Daniel Cook with Paul Brickell on 86p further back.  Alan Blackley has now picked 7 consecutive 2.00+ picks after a loss in week 1 &  his form puts him in the driving seat.  Daniel Cook has also picked 7/8 winners, but with more spread in the size of the bet.  His 2.80 pick of Barcelona has marginally closed the gap.  Paul Brickell started well with a big 6.00 pick, and although he has only lost twice, he needed his Barcelona winner to stay in the hunt.

It is now a two horse race in the Pele league with Ricky Jones only 3p clear of Nick Lines.  The pair of them are waaaay clear of the rest, so it is all about whether Ricky can hold off 5x winner Nick over the last two weeks, some big decisions ahead....

Picks of the week

James Darby and David Rosser both picked the Wigan away win at 5.50, which is also one of the top 5 picks of the season.  Al Smith also picked a commendable 4.00 Crystal Palace away winner.  The extravagantly named Dickson Pato knew to pick a Genoa winner away at 3.40, with Cook's and Brickell's Barcelona winner next in the list.

Names of the Week.... well best names full stop

Gwiggs.... is it Ryan with a speech impediment, or a poorly punctuated G Wiggs, either way the slightly slightly strange tribute to Giggsy is welcome

Ayako Ono... the season I've had, I sometimes feel that this surname would be more appropriate for me

Prince Mamus.... do we have real royalty amongst us, or is this a Prince Naseem Hamid egotist, with -£4 the ego may well be short lived

Neil.... although I appreciate the value of a single monikered individual, Pele, Madonna, Socrates, God do not require 2nd names.... really Neil doesn't have the same ring to it, again a -£4 pops the compator bubble

Emem Jackson... was he (she?) previously known as Eminem before the lawsuit removed the "in", is MM Jackson too dull, it seems good enough for KT Tunstall, JK Rowling & LL Cool J, or does Emem just have cruel parents, maybe we'll never know.

Please feel free to correct any misunderstandings on the Forum


Prince MD "Ono" Gibbons


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