Locke & Jones on fire - Week 2

Sean Locke leads the way with a remarkable 8.20 after following up his week 1 midlands derby winner (West Brom away at 4.20) with an even better London derby away winner (Arsenal 6.00).  With that winner he overtakes Ricky Jones, whose pick in week 1 of Hannover 96 @ 8.50 was an impressive start to the season, and although he picked a loser in week 2, he can consider himself unlucky to not be leading the overall league with a 6.50 score after 2 weeks.

Ricky Jones can take some consolation that his score is enough for him to be leading the Pele League, although for once the Pele League is contributing well to the overall league with Robert Kean also in the overall top 4 with 3.90, by successfully picking the Motherwell result in both of the 1st two weeks.  Paul Brickell is the other member in the top 4, taking 3rd in 4.50 with he Arsenl away winner offsetting the 50p fine for non-picking in week 1.

Picks of the season

A remarkable start to the season has seen 8 picks above 3.00 already.  Ricky Jones' 8.50 Hannover pick leads the way from Brickell & Locke's Arsenal win.  Chrissy Blackers' pick of Ayr to win away at 5.50 would normally be a leader at this stage of the season, but is only good enough for 4th.


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