Dunk wins second title in 3 years - Season 21, Week 10

Lines wins 5th Pele League title

Jon Dunk has become only the second person after David Rosser to win 2 overall titles and ends with a credible £10.42.  A seasons of high quality picks have led to a deserved overall title and his reward is promotion into the Maradona league and on this sort of form he may well soon grace the Pele league once more.

Nick Lines has now won the Pele league title a phenomenal 5 times, 3 clear of his nearest rival, although he may be viewed as fortunate as Gibbons was denied his second Pele league title by a 93rd minute penalty (grr).




Delahunt leads all-time league

James Delahunt leads the all-time league with a £14.11 gain.  David Rosser puts a run of bad seasons behind him with a £7.10 season moving him back into a £12.82 all-time gain.  Rosser has been over £25+ in the past, so he has some way to go to reclaim previous heights.  Jimmy Smith and Bill Imrie are the only others on £10+

Jassal and Lloyd fail miserably

-£10.... I've got no more to say



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