Season 21 - Week 9

Dunk leads from Locke.  Dunk picks his 7th 2.00+ winner of the season, with this last one being a monumental 3.60 Estonia away winner.  Locke stays in contention with an even more monumentaller 4.33 Wales draw.  Locke has had an up and down season with 5 losses being counter-balancedt (and then some) by 4 big winners.  Smith vaguely has a sniff back in 3rd but probably needs Dunk to mess it up in week 10.  Dunk has a chance of becoming only the 8th player to break the £10 barrier for the season.

The Pele league is mega exciting with Lines leading the way & bidding to become a 5 time champion.  Booth is only 9p behind meaning Lines may have to be more aggressive than his normally cautious approach.  Gibbons and Imrie are within £2 and will be eager to pounce upon any slip.

Locke's pick was the pick of the week with Daniel Cook joining Jon Dunk for the honour of 2nd best pick.  Steve Tester was the only player to pick the 3.60 England draw.  The only other picks above 3.00 were Delahunt and Dean Jones who both picked the Serbia v Italy draw.

Jassal, Lowe and Lloyd have all picked 9/9 losses - go on boys complete the set.


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