Season 4 - Week 9

Pele League

Clip clop clip clop - that's the sound of Nick Lines winning this league and the esteemed Pele title at a canter.  He is now £3 clear at the top, and only a shock failure by Man U/Chelsea/Celtic (whoever is the shortest odds) will stop him.  Behind him David Lloyd and Tony Southworth (with a cracking 2.50 away pick) are the only contenders, the rest (including yours truly) having cracked under the inexorable pressure.  At the bottom Chris Cornwall has started his seasonal phoenix-like rise from the dead to redeposit James Holland at the bottom and leave Paul Chadbourne in serious danger.  Another £1.25 winner by Chris could even drag Paul Drury into the danger zone.  Early picks and repicks could follow bluff and counter bluff as we enter the final week.  James Holland though looks as if he needs one of his famed longshots.

Lineker League

Clip clop clip clop - that's the sound of Nick Kelly winning this league and the esteemed Lineker title at a canter (who says I need to be original).  As with Nick Lines the lesser freckled Kelly variety has picked 8/9 and is all but assured promotion.  One banker to go and he's home and dry..... or will he be casting half an eye upwards on the overall title?  Behind him Richard Ingham, Joel Wrigley, Rob Noyce and.......... (rechecks league) Jimmy Smith!!! are battling for second.  Jimmy's rise from -£4 has been remarkable and will now not only end the season in credit but is only 60p off a return to the top flight of predicting.  The other three need to rebound from this week's losses.  With only 69p separating the early picks and repicks could follow bluff and counter bluff as we enter the final week.  David Pilkington and Steve Reeve will be looking for odds of 2.50+ and for Simon Gurd to slip up to have even a chance of survival.  A winner from Simon Gurd would leave them requiring a 3.50+ pick and a large slice of good fortune.

Dickov League

Yowser this league has got competitive all of a sudden.  Mere weeks ago there was only one person in credit, now there are five (including Trevor Gibbons who overtakes his son for the first time).  Realistically it's a battle of 4 into 2 with Pete Finch and Ben Gould in the drivers seat.... but what will they do, a banker will allow Paul Shakespeare and Sohail Virdey the chance to pick a 2.1 (ish) and taken them, whilst a 2.1 pick would have a chance of failing and would allow a banker to take them.  Having clawed himself away from the relegation zone, it is time for Trevor to step up to the plate and deliver a long-shot.  Matt Britcliffe has looked doomed for many a week and even if his main competitors lose he would still require a pick of some magnitude 4.20+ to even stand a chance.

Lee League

Andrew Wickett, so far clear so recently, has now been dragged back into the battle for promotion, a third consecutive loss would leave the way clear for Tim Hughes, Craig Lowe and Ross Jones to shoot for the title.  The latter three are separated by a mere 77p and the one who holds their nerve will surely prevail.  In a high quality league Steven Rodgers and Dean Lemm can count themselves unlucky to be in the relegation zone, but have given themselves an excellent chance of escape with winning picks.

Cup Competition

Next week is the qualifying round for our cup competition.  No betting involved, just a bit of fun.  Week 1 is a quallifying week.  The 14 lowest placed players qualify to make the final 7 players in next weeks last 32.  The draw is as follows:

Andrew Wickett v Darren Clare (+)

Paul Hickey (+) v Matt Bailey

Stephen Rodgers v Ian Booth (+)

Gary Lewis (+) v Tim Hughes

Ross Jones (+) v Jake Jones

Dean Lemm v Craig Lowe (+)

Nik Simms (+) v Matt Britcliffe

The more astute of you will have noticed a + by some peoples names.  Here's how it works, you both pick a team (separate selection to your league selection), if you both win, then the greater odds picked goes through, if one of you is successful and the other is not, then the successful team goes through.  If you are both unsuccessful then the higher placed league team goes through (signified by a +).  This is a reward for league performances and reflects the difficulties a lower league team would normally have against higher placed opposition.  Good luck and if you don't understand it, you are stupid and deserve to be knocked out (of the competition rather than physically)

Please e-mail me your pick ([email protected]), to ensure your opponent does not get a tactical advantage!  Non-pickers will default to their league pick.


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