Booth closes as Dunk and Rosser lose - Week 7

The top two remain as they were despite both picking losing picks this week.  Ian Booth closes the gap by £1.72 - as his 72p gain is added to their £1 loss. Glory picks don't always win you the title, sometimes you have to go for Preston at home..... well who am I to criticise I suppose they are still 1 & 2!

Booth takes advantage of 2-5 all losing in the Pele League to open up a £3.11 gap at the top, and although the open top bus is not yet booked, rumours are that he has at least enquired about the price & spoken to the local council about getting some roads closed.

Picks of the Week

Last week you couldn't move for long-shots coming in.  There were winning coupons festooned around WP towers... this week Robert Paton's 3.50 Brighton v Leeds draw would have ranked 10th last week, but this week makes pick of the week.  Daniel Cook also picked a draw at  a slightly lower 3.20 (Cagliari, Udinese) and an honourable mention to Chris Cornwall who has picked his first winner of the season after 6 misses, and can be rightly proud of his Plymouth home win at 3.00



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