Dunk forges on, Rosser lurks ominously - Week 6

Jon Dunk has now picked 6 consecutive picks in the range 2.10+ and has stormed on to £7.72... which in most instances would be enough for a clear lead and confidence in regaining his overall title which he lost last seasons, but the legendary David Rosser (go check the Hall of Fame - only ever consecutive overall league winner, 2 Pele Titles) is within spitting distance, following back to back monster picks of 4.80 and 5.00.  Jimmy Smith is also acquitting himself well, with Ian Booth in 4th.  This is the most illustrious top 4 I've ever seen with 4 overall titles and 4 Pele league titles between them!

Ultra-competitive Pele League

The Pele league is often viewed with much derision, with winning scores of less than £3 relatively common.  But that has all changed this year with 5 players on £2+ and Ian Booth leading the way from Lines & Blackley.  Maybe this will be the first season since Ben Gould 9 seasons ago where the overall winner comes from the Pele.

Picks of the Week

Wow what a week for picking, with 4 people spotting that Derby (in 4th) were cracking value at 5.00 away to Nottingham Forest (in 16th and managed by an idiot)..... okay strictly 3 people spotted it and I just copied Ben Warman who pointed it out to me!  Ben was joined by Adrian Furber and David Rosser in finding the value independently.  I should also point out that I was cursing Ben when Derby were reduced to 10 men and 1-0 down within the first minute, but I should have had faith!

Away from that Richard Ingham picked Blackburn at 4.33, Cornwell, Smith and Entwhistly picked QPR away at 4.00.

In another week I may have been leading with Sean Locke's 3.75 Aldershot away winner, but not this week, as that was only the 9th best pick of the week!


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