Dunk powers clear - Week 5

Jon Dunk has powered clear at the top of the overall league with his 5th (count'em FIVE) consecutive 2.00+ winner.  The latest (Napoli away at 2.20) is the lowest priced winner to date and this is all enough to give him £6.62, leaving a cavernous gap back to Jen Lewis and Dider Segoivia who both have £3.85 in equal 2nd.  Roberts Kean and Paton make up the top 5.

Tight Pele

Lines, Booth, Imrie and Blackley are having a ding-dong battle in the Pele (for once a competitive league!) with the 4 separated by only 72p.


Picks of the Week

David Rosser picked a 4.80 winner (the 2nd best pick of the season) with Watford's away winner at Reading, the only better pick this season is Locke's away win for Barnsley at Reading... hm food for thought.  Other notable picks include Robert Paton's Fulham v Blackburn draw (3.60), Ricky Jones picking Morecambe at home (3.40) and and and.... blimey scrolling miles down for Derby, Smith, Pato and Cook who all backed Tottenham away at 2.50.


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