Don't knock Locke, Lewis in the race - Week 2

Sean Locke picks the best result of the season to date, with a £4.50 gain from Barnsley away at Reading making up for his week 1 loss and propelling him into the lead.  Lewis consolidates in second with a banker £0.80 gain from Preston at home.  Alan Blackley followed up his 3.75 week 1 pick with.... nothing and stays on £2.75 due to the new zero return from a no-pick rule.... probably need to think up a catchier name for that rule.  Dunk picks up his second 2.00+ pick to take 4th.

Amongst the 10 people to have picked two losers is previous Pele League winner and Overall Champion (albeit 10 seasons+ ago!) Jimmy Smith.  Soon they'll be milk adverts saying Jimmy Smith who's that... exactly.

Reigning champion Delahunt is currently back in the pack with a +£0.40 return year to date, with reigning Pele League double champion Weston faring even worse with -£1.00  

Alan Blackley currently leads the Pele League with Booth and multiple winner Lines in 2nd and 3rd.  The first ever winner Matt Gibbons loiters in 4th.... yeah I know milk adverts and all that.

Aside from Sean Locke's big winner, Grant Elder also picked a notable Newcastle away win for a £2.60 gain, with a plethora of people (okay 3) picking the Liverpool away win at Arsenal (note to self, is there good value in betting against Arsenal this season....)


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