Season 21 - Week 1 - Derby joy for Blackley and Kennedy

Alan Blackley and Michael Kennedy both picked Derby away at Watford to kick off the new season on some style, sharing the lead with a £2.75 gain.  Just behind them lurk Holland and Lewis, who both picked a starless Arsenal to start the season off with a draw.  Dunk, Gwiggs and the other Blackley (think Phil Neville in WP terms*) all picked Southampton away to finish off the top 6.

* For this season only Chris Blackley is actually £17 clear of Alan Blackley in the all-time league.... whilst we're on that, big shout out to Emma Sht Box, who has a +£17.22 score throughout time immemorium, one of only three players to currently stand above £10 (Craig the Sheepdip and Andy Ewart being the others).

It was a poor week for pickers as only 18/46 found winners, obviously this means 28 people lost, but a significant number of people are presumably still sunning themselves, or are so entranced with an all-conquering cricket team that the start of the football season has passed them by.  There is a new rule this season that means that non-picking no longer autopicks by default but results in a £0 week.... this may well change in future seasons, with non-pickers being penalised with a negative score (somewhere in the region -£0.01 to -£1).  Feel free to make suggestions on the forum.

It  was also a poor week for reigning champions with the overall champion James Delahunt let down by Norwich and reigning Pele league champion failing to pick a draw.  It is however early days so no need to panic yet.

Gotta dash, toodlepip



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