Season 4 - Week 8

As we near the end of the season people will be looking for that "edge" to either propel them into a promotion spot or avoid the dreaded relegation. So for one week only I will be putting on my stat hat, to guide you through the crucial weeks ahead. All these tips are statistically backed and thus infallible by the way.

1) Pick away wins!

Now I know this flies in the face of all previous advice, but overall we have made 312 picks and lose on average 3.779p per pick. However those picking away wins lose only 3.209p (compared to losses of 4.118p for draws and 4.217p for homes wins).

2) Scotland rules!

The Scottish 1st Division is our most profitable league, with an average of 39p profit per pick, closely following by Scottish Premier League with 20.1p per pick. Although the lower you go in Scotland the worst you get with the Scottish second losing 34p per bet and the Scottish 3rd losing a whopping 41.67p per bet. The only English league in profit is League 2. Avoid the Euro Qualifiers (-25.571ppp) and the FA Cup (-10.222ppp) like the plague.

3) Avoid Preston

Sensible advice indeed in general, but Preston (-£5.84) are the team that have failed us the most, closely followed by West Ham (-£5), Newcastle and Reading (both -£4) and Scunthorpe (-£3.86)

4) Why aye not choose Sunderland

A massive £9.65 profit has been made backing the Mackems, easily clear of Man City (£8.50), Wolverhapton (£5.68), Bristol City (£4.40) and Hartlepool (£4.20)

So there you go, food for thought, onto the Week 8 performance

Pele League - £8,630; 6/10

Nick Lines is going going gone at the top of the league, now that he has established his £3.33 lead he will surely just pick bankers to secure the Pele title. He also just overtakes Andrew Wickett for the overall league - congrats. David Lloyd backed the Germans and was rewarded with a substantial win to take him into second place and guarantee himself a positive figures finish this season. 4 of the bottom 5 one, leaving Chris Cornwall marooned at the bottom. Jimbo's return to form will leave in hopeful of catching one of the triumvirate less that £1.50 ahead of him.

Lineker League - £210,312; 5/10

A quite sterling effort to win over £200k. Nick Kelly regains the lead in what is proving to be an epic tussle with Richard Ingham. Joel Wrigley pulled off the pick of the week predicting the dire England draw and he and Rob Noyce remain in the frame in 3rd and 4th. Jimmy Smith continues his remarkable ascent up the league, from relegation certainty he now has an outside chance of promotion. David Rosser is the only one of the bottom three to win and he pulls clear of David Pilkington and the aggrieved Steve Reeve, who are now £2+ adrift at the bottom and are left praying for miracles.

Dickov League - £30,032; 6/10

Pete Finch goes safe betting against the Faroe Islands to maintain top spot, but behind him is a battlefield for second, Sohail Virdi currently leads the way, but Ben Gould (back to winning ways), the unlikely Paul Shakespeare (aiming to end in profit for the first time ever!) are close behind. Even Gary Lewis and Trevor Gibbons must harbour hopes of a late rally. An increasingly desperate Matt Britcliffe fails again, leaving only the other relegation spot in doubt, but with Darren Clare, Paul Hickey and Nik Simms separated by a mere 30p, it is far from over.

Lee League - £16,951; 5/9

There are some who would criticise Andrew Wickett for picking a draw when he was so far clear at the top, but why change your game plan when it has brought you so much joy to date. It didn't come in and it has given Craig Lowe (+£4.02) and Ross Jones (+£3.71 and still not in a promotion spot!!!) hope. Tim Hughes with sufficient to be leading the Dickov league is a distant 4th. Dean Lemm and Stephen Rogers look increasingly doomed.



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