Davies powers clear - Week 8

Mervyn Davies is destroying the competition in the overall league, he is now over £3 clear of Ron Weston in 2nd and with only 2 weeks to go he is surely all but guaranteed the overall title.  Weston, Tester and Imrie will all hold out hope of catching the leader, but his consistent picking of draws (5/8) is nothing short of incredible.  It will be interesting to see if he changes his strategy now that he is only a smidgen away from sealing the title, a couple of home bankers would surely see him secure the title, but will he change strategy now.

Rob Weston is equally dominant in the Pele League and now looks set to secure back-to-back Pele titles, Weston has shown a more varied picking history, with winning picks ranging from 1.44 to 3.60, so it seems more likely he will tighten his game now that he is £3.40 clear of Nick Lines.

Picks of the Week

Mervyn Davies' pick of the Aldershot v Rotherham draw is the pick of the week, with Michael Kennedy's 3.25 away Swansea winner in second.  Delahunt's Fulham away winner was third (3.00) follwed by Weston. 


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