Imrie takes the lead - Week 7

It is tight at the top with Bill Imrie a mere whisker of a 10p ahead of Mervyn Davies on £6.10 and £6.00 respectively.  Steve Tester and Hannah Cook are  both within a couple of pounds.  Reigning champion Jon Dunk is somewhat further adrift £8.73 off in 95th..... flash pan anyone?

Rob Weston on the other hand is showing how to be a reigning champion, defending his Pele League title with some verve over £2 clear at the top.  With 4 times winner Lines in second though he will need to maintain his form to retain his title.

Daniel Cook is the only player without a winner, and is thus bottom of the overall league.

In the overall league (which is only updated at the end of the season, sorry was a bit late to comment!)  Emma Sht Box leads the way an impressive £17.22 up over her whole career.  Craig the Sheepdip and Andy Ewart are the only others in double figures and actually the only ones above £7.  An honourable mention to Jimmy Smith who is £5.10 up and the highest ranked founder member.  Compare and contrast to the lowest ranked founder member Tony Southworth on -£22.42.... perhaps most importantly I'm 23 places above my Dad (Trevor Gibbons), perhaps I should be reporting on football on Radio Suffolk.....

 Picks of the Week

Aghahon Inokhonfe Victor had the best pick of the week with a Spurs v West Brom draw..... maybe we should keep tabs on this extravagantly named individual who has just joined the Holdsorth league this week.  Neil Smith picked the Villa v Stoke draw at 3.50 the latest in a string of great winners that put him on +£8.05 for the season... if only the Holdsworth league counted eh!  Chrissy Blackers and Peter Cornwell also breached the 3.00 mark.


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