Season 20 - Week 4

Mervyn is top draw, Tester second bester

Mervyn Davies has now picked 3 draws in 4 weeks and leads the overall league by over £2.  Draws are notoriously difficult to pick, so much respect.  Steve Tester has also picked three winners, but his triumverate includes all possible results with the away win for Man U following a home win and a draw in the first two weeks.  Richard Ingham and Gwiggs are both above £3 and still in the hunt.

A big winner for Rob Weston takes him to the top of the Pele League as he seeks to be the first player to retain his Pele League title since Nick Lines in Season 13/14.  Jon Dunk the overall winner last year is not performing so well, he is one of nine players to pick 4 losers this season.

Picks of the week

Neil Smith picked the best pick of the week and now has the two best picks of the season following his Yeovil away winner (4.75), if he was in a proper league as opposed to the holding league he would now be second in the overall league.  Booth and Weston both picked Preston at home to Swansea  at 3.60, with Mervyn Davies the  next best at 3.25.


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