Season 20 - Week 3

Good week for founder members

Jimmy Smith, one of the founder members, leads the overall league with £3.80, just 15p clear of Mervyn Davies in 2nd and 70p  clear of Hannah Cook in 3rd.  It's early days, but no runaway leaders and still an open league.  Jimmy has reached the top with 3 back-to-back 2.00+ picks including a couple of away winners.

Nick Lines, another founder member, leads the Pele League with a solid, if unspectacular £1.43, George Duffy is just behind, with another founder member (there were only 10 honest) Rob Noyce in 3rd.



Apologies have been a bit lazy with my analysis, sit gets tiring after 30+ weeks, so I'll do picks of the season rather than picks of the week. 

Neil Smith has the pick of the season (and this week) with a 4.50 winner of Yeovil away at Leyton Orient, sadly with two losers to start with he is not currently in the running for the overall league.  Steve Tester picked the West Brom v Arsenal draw at 3.75 for the second best pick of the season (and the pick of week 2).  Hannah Cook picked the Cyprus v Iceland draw (how?) this week for the third best pick of the season (3.40).  Finally an honourable mention to Mervyn Davies who has picked 2 draws in 3 weeks, garnering 3.40 for the Portsmouth v Boro draw and 3.25 for the Burton Gillingham draw.


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