Dunk champion, Weston wins Pele League, Season 19 - Week 10

Long time leader Dunk wins the overall league with an impressive £7.37.... well I say impressive 12 out of 18 winning scores have been better, but he ended up winning by an impressive £3.04, a truly resounding margin.  It is his first ever title and just rewards for a season of solid picking, with 7 winners evens or better, his win was set up by a phenomenal start with 6 straight winners, 5 of which were at a good price.

Rob Weston pip Nick Lines to deny him his 5th Pele League title.  Rob Weston won with £3.85 and nailed the title with an impressive 3.25 Bristol City away winner in his last week.  Hastie, Cornwell, Booth and Smith all face relegation, but with some autopickers in the top flight there will need to be a decision on whether more come up or some of the players in the top flight get a reprieve.  Tony "I play God" Southworth will decide..... I'm hoping for more people to do up, as I came 3rd in my league, but we'll see!

Picks of the week

Danny Harris and Gwiggs both picked 4.20 picks in the final week, although both missed out on promotion by a smidgen, a case of close but no cigar.  Rob Weston fared better, his 3.20 pick winning him the Pele League title.  4 people picked Liverpool to beat Man U, although again to no avail, with Ricky Jones still relegated, Matthew Gibbons missing out on promotion by 8p (grr) and Cornwell and Entwhistle too far adrift to gain promotion.


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