Season 19 - Week 9

Jon Dunk returns to winning ways  at the perfect time, his 2.10 pick of Bournemouth away giving him a £1.96 cushion heading into week 10, the title is his to lose.  Didier Segovia is now in second following his 4th consecutive winner, and with his promotion from the Ali Dia league in the bag he can afford to go big in week 10 in a bid for the overall title.  Losses for Dineen and Delahunt leave them well adrift and needing a spectacular winner in week 10 to overhaul Dunk.  Delahunt's loss has actually relegated him to 8th overall, a disappointing end to a good season.  Fields now takes 4th with cracking 2.75 away winner.

Nick Lines sneaks into 1st in the Pele League, and is currently in pole position for his 5th league title.  He needs to watch the resurgent Rob Weston whose 2.30 pick has moved him into within 21p of Nick.  With 4 players within 48p at the top this could go down to the wire.  At the other end Smith is going to need to repeat his 5.00+ pick which saved him from certain relegation a couple of seasons back, he and Booth look doomed.  The last two relegation spots are far from certain and in a tight Pele league only £1.36 separates 5th from 8th

 Chris Cornwall looks set to return to the top flight, with ShtBox, Imrie, Gurd and Darby battling it out for the other promotion spot from the Maradona league.  Due to the pyramidical league system, two people will also go up into the Pele from the Lineker League, and Duffy (George not the singer) looks set to gain one of the promotion spots.  Noyce, McGuigan and Armend will contest the remaining spot.

Shakespeare has picked the pick of the week with a 4.00 draw pick (Leicester / Coventry).  This is well clear of the second best picks (Field's 2.75 away Rotherham winner, and Ellie D's Cardiff away winner).  With no other picks greater than 2.50 it was not a great week for great winners!


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