Dunk slip, Dineen done good, Segovia surges and Delahunt still in the.... chasing pack - Week 8

Dunk has now lost two on the bounce (I'd have picked his Ipswich pick as well, if it hadn't already been taken!), and although he remains top of the overall league his lead is dramatically reduced and he will need to up his game in the remaining two weeks to ensure his maiden title. Chris Dineen picked the Preston v QPR draw at 3.50 to move into second.  Segovia consolidates in 3rd with a 1.83 pick of Milan, whilst Delahunt is also left cursing Ipswich and slips back to 4th.

Craig the Sheepdip remains top of the Pele League and is either picking remarkably safe, or has fallen asleep.  Could an autopicker win the Pele title!  Moss in second is also picking low priced odds, so it remains up to Nick Lines to outpick autopickers (sometimes surprisingly tough!) and seek his 5th title.  Pete Cornwell remains close but needs to turnaround his losing streak (of one!  Another person to lose out on Ipswich.

Picks of the Week 

Rob Weston escaped the clutches of the Pele League relegation zone an has given himself an outside chance of the Pele League title with a cracking 5.50 Lecce home winner, for the pick of the week.  This is equal best pick of the season and dwarves Dineen and Britcliffe's 3.50 draw picks.  Mervyn Davies has now picked back-to-back 3.40 picks and claims the 4th best pick of the week.  I share 5th with Alan Blackley, but will hold my hands up.  With my only winning picks of the season being autopicks, I chose Rennes to beat Toulose solely on the basis I thought it would be funny to bet on Toulose to lose..... I should really hand back my 2.20 gain, but I won't!


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