Season 4 - Week 7

Nick Kelly falls..... not only does the last 100% record go, but potentially Andrew Wickett's only challenger?!?

It was an amazing weekend where 3 people picked Man City to win (remarkable in itself, but away as well!), 2 people picked draws and a phenomenal 15 people failed whilst picking a home win.  This has truly shaken the leagues up, as those who were merrily going along picking home bankers have had their strategy ripped up and thrown back in their face, whilst a few people who desperately needed a big winner (Jimmy Smith, Paul Shakespeare and Matt Bailey) got it in spades.

The Pele League

Oh dear oh dear - the old guard and founding members occupy the top five spots, does experience count for that much or are the rest just being poor.... undoubtedly it is the latter as Paul Chadbourne, Paul Drury and Matt Haywood have combined losses of over £9, that they don't occupy the relegation spots is down to the unexpected (but not entirely unappreciated) decline of Chris Cornwall and James Holland the former foiled by the foibles of Chester and the latter by Colchester - whatever you do next week avoid Northampton and Southampton. 

Nick Lines continue to dominate at the top, where only a shock home failure by Derby in week 2 blots his otherwise 100% record.  Tony "reigning champ" Southworth though is hitting form ominously three consecutive winners have propelled him into 2nd and keeps the pressure on the ginger nut at the top.

Lineker League

Ingham reasserts his dominance at the top, just one slip from Kelly is all it takes to allow this picking collosus to regain rightful throne, Pele league beware, this man is leading the overall league by over £3.70.  Presumably this chap is the professional gambler otherwise known as the "bookies scourge".

Behind the two pacesetters Rob Noyce can feel aggrieved that his +£2.28 is not enough for a promotion spot.  Jimmy Smith storms off the bottom with a sterling £3 gain in week, which must be enough to peeve Steve Reeve who has been deposited unceremoniously into bottom place.  The once great Pilkington slips into the relegation zone, although Rosser's continuing poor form gives both hope of escape.

Dickov League

This league, as tight as a proverbial gnat's ass, was effected more than any other by the "unusual" nature of this weeks results.  Pete Finch storms to the top with a sterling away pick, whereas Ben Gould loses it by picking a home win, Gibbons sr drops into the relegation zone with a home win, whereas Paul Shakespeare moves from relegation certainty to promotion contender with a bold away win.

The only sure thing in this league is that Matt Britcliffe is doomed to relegation £2.38 from 9th and a further 36p from safety.

Lee League

Don't let the name fool you, 7/9 success this week, only let down by Reading and Blackburn at home!!!  7/9 in positive figures and the hero of the moment Andrew Wickett on a monumental +£7.02, £2.39 clear at the top of the overall league.

Craig Lowe picked out an in week £3 gain to nip second off Ross Jones, who is still picking winners and still very much in the frame.  Tim Hughes is dropping like a stone, having abandoned his Celtic every week tactic.  Honourable mentions must go out to Ian Booth, Matt Bailey and Jake Jones, all with good winners this week and all of who would be in a promotion spot in the Dickov League.

In fact honourable mention to the whole league, sterling performance chaps, much to be proud of.  May your presence soon grace the higher leagues.


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