Dunk marches on but can Delahunt him down - Week 6

Jon Dunk consolidates his lead at the top with a solid 2.00 pick of Ipswich.  He now has an impressive £8.17 after 6 weeks, over £4 clear at the top.  It is his to lose now. James Delahunt moves into second with a 2.20 pick of Rotherham. Simon Gurd moves into third with Liverpool's away win at Chelsea (5.50).

Craig the Sheepdip continues to lead the Pele league with a fairly minimal £1.84, his lead is only 9p over Nick Lines who is still on for his 5th Pele League title.  Even Matt Wilkinson in the relegation zone is only £2.80 behind Craig the Sheepdip. 

Picks of the Week

Both Simon Gurd and Dave Entwhistle picked Liverpool at 5.50 for both the pick of the week and pick of the season so far.  Jeevan Jassal picked the 3.40 Birmingham away winner and Ellie D picked the Cardiff away winner.  Pete Cornwell, Paul Shakespeare and Ross Jones also picked away winners with QPR gaining them a 3.10 winner.


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