Locke gets off to a safe start - Week 2

Sean Locke (£4.22) leads the way from Steve Tester (£3.08), following up his impressive Derby away winner in week one with an even more impressive Hereford away winner (3.60) in week 2.  After a cautious start Steve picked the Leicester v Man City draw at 3.80 to move into second.  Three J's sit in the remaining top 5 spots, with Jon Dunk leading from Jen Lewis and James Delahunt.

20 people have yet to pick a winner at the other end.

The top 7 are separated by just £1.50 in the Pele Legue with a surprising number of people going safe (or still on Xmas holidays!)

Picks of the Season

Sean and Steve have the two best picks of the season with only Bill Imrie (Leeds v Boro draw week 1)the only other player breaking the 3.00 mark.


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