Season 18 - Week 8

A titanic battle is taking place at the top of the overall league with Alan Blackley on £11.63 leading the way from Andy Ewart on £10.95.  Remarkably Simon Gurd (£7.50) and Ellie D (£6.04) are not at the races despite impressive scores.  Could we be seeing Nik Simms record of £13.55 under threat?  It has stood since season 8, but both the top two are going to end close on current form.

At the other end Jeevan Jassal has still yet to pick a winner, and is on course for a -£10 season.

In the Pele League the leader Craig the Sheepdip is only on £1.52, with only the Gascoigne league having a worse leading score.  Gary Moss is in second, having picked a cancelled game, but Cornwell and Smith must be kicking themselves for picking losers in a week when they could have moved to the top.  A poor league overall, it is remarkably tight, with only £3.16 separating 1st and relegation.

 Shearer Shearer Shearer

An honourable mention to the Shearer League this week, which has a remarkable 5 players on more than the Pele League leader and Bill Imrie in 3rd despite posting a £4.29 season to date.

Picks of the Week

Simon Gurd and Ellie D both picked Blackpool's away winner at Stoke at a massive 5.50  Craig the Ram picked the Tottenham v Chelsea draw at 3.30 and Dougal Kerr Boro's win against Cardiff at 3.10.  Next  was Andy Ewart and Alan Blackley who both picked Hannover's home win... curious they both picked the same, hope there is no copying going on..... might want to pick at 4.59 this Friday Andy.....


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