Season 18 - Week 7

Despite re-finding his winning ways Alan Blackley's impressive score of £10.13 is far from enough to guarantee him the title, and he may need to find more than his 1.20 pick of Barcelona in the remaining weeks to hold off the charge of Andy Ewart.  Andy has now picked his 4th consecutive away winner (all in Europe!), and his pick of Hannover to win at 3.20 is his most impressive pick to date, moving him up to £9.45, can he sustain his impressive picking to overhaul what looked like the runaway winner.  The two of them are well clear of Andrew Jones and Bill Imrie, whose scores of £5+ are impressive, but simply not good enough.

In the top flight Craig the Sheepdip has opened up a small margin over Pete Cornwell, whose pick of Cardiff to beat Preston was sensible but ultimately fruitless.  Overall the league is very tight, with only the Dalglish League having a smaller discrepancy between 1st and last, which means good wins for those in the relegation zone could lead to an awkard decision in the last few weeks, when the title may suddenly reappear into their sights.

Jeevan Jassal has now picked 7 losers on the bounce, and his desperation shows picking Everton away at Chelsea.... naturally unsuccessfully.

Picks of the Week

The site's creator and Champion from Season 3, Tony Southworth picked the Chelsea v Everton draw for the pick of the week (4.75).  Steve Keeley picked Norwich away (3.50).  Andy Ewart and Dave Beethoven picked Hannover away (3.20).  Ben Warman picked Lazio to beat Inter at 2.80 to complete the top picks of the week.


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