Season 18 - Week 6

Alan Blackley is in danger of throwing away the insurmountable lead he built up with his early mega-pick, a loss this week combined with another fine pick for Andy Ewart has cut his lead to a merely £2.68.  Andy has now picked 3 back-to-back away winners and is in danger of gathering unstoppable momentum.  Alan Blackley spurned the "banking" to the title option picking a draw pick, presumablyh shooting for the highest ever 10 week score (Nik Simms £13.55).

Rob Weston, Sean Locke and Ben Drury are all having fine seasons, but are being overshadowed at the moment by the top two.

A loss for Craig the Sheepdip in the Pele League has opened up the title race in the top flight, allowing Pete Cornwell to close the gap with the pick of the week (shared with Sean Locke) of Portsmouth away at 5.00

Jeevan Jassal is now the only player to pick 100% losers and is all alone and woeful at the bottom of the overall league.

Picks of the Week

As mentioned Portsmouth away was the pick of the week, but Paul Janyshiwskyj also picked well, his 3.40 pick of the Reading v Leeds draw being the second best pick.  Both Rob Weston and Chrissy Blackers picked the Fulham v Birmingham draw at 3.30, with noone else picking above 3.00


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