Season 4 - Week 6

As the season shapes up, a few things are becoming apparent.  Firstly no-one has learnt the lesson that you never pick the Friday night game, it never comes in and it just ruins the coupon for you colleagues (not to mention sending you a step closer to relegation).

Secondly people are still blindly picking their own team, this is cardinal sin number two, you are either blinded by optimism or depression, patently it isn't a sound strategy.

Thirdly, and this was less apparent this week, you should never pick Man  City or Newcastle, they are random and unpredictable... not a good combination for Predicting!

Who am I to tell you what to do though (second in the overall league and possessor of the longest ever winning streak aside of course!).

Speaking of winning streaks, Nick Kelly continues to forge ahead with his sixth consecutive winner, he leads the way from the ever-improving Andrew Wickett who has shown a predeliction for away wins.  At the bottom Jimmy Smith and James Holland continue their miserable ways.  With no Lee League players in the bottom 11 though, respect must go to the Lee League as a whole, when you finally replace the dross in the upper realms people might actually win something (that's the aim of the game chaps in case you'd forgotten!

Pele League

A poorly performing league is dominated by the big four Nick Lines (Chelsea - dull but effective) leads the way from Matt Gibbons (Man U - exciting, but universally disliked), David Lloyd in third (Liverpool  - Nearly liked, nearly succesful, nearly forgotten) and Tony Southworth in 4th (guess that makes you Arsenal, although I can't think why) are the only others in positive figures!  James Holland looks doomed at the bottom, but although Chris Cornwall occupies the other relegation spot, Paul Drury and Matt Haywood should beware as Chris is a seasoned relegation scrapper and should never be written off.

Lineker League

At the top Nick Kelly continues to pull away in scintillating fashion from Richard Ingham (the overall all-time leader).  A fascinating battle behind these two should ensure that neither can relax as Jon Dunk, Joel Wrigley and Rob Noyce are separated by a mere 7p.  Being bottom of this league is a feat in itself, as the bottom three occupy 3 of the 4 spots at the bottom of the overall league.  So congratulations to Jimmy, you are spectacularly and utterly shite.

Dickov League

Being top of this league, is a bit like winning the Scottish Premiership, yes you can only beat what is put in from of you, but when the only competition in positive figures is on 47p, it can't be satisfying can it?  Tell us Ben Gould, post on the forum, does it make you feel good to be leading this league with a score only good enough to get 12th overall.  Ony two winners this week sums it up perfectly.  I guess on the positive side it remains close and exciting with the top 7 all in with a should for promotion and the bottom 8 all remotely fearful of relegation.  Currently Matt Britcliffe and the worst player of all time Paul Shakespeare occupy the relegation spots.

Lee League

Andrew Wickett take a bow (pronounced boo), another superb pick puts you well clear of the fading Tim Hughes and Ross Jones, and surely one more succesful pick of that magnitude will guarantee promotion.  Dean Lemm in last must feel aggrieved as his points total would put him (at worst) in 7th in the other leagues.  But with Tim Hughes reputation (as a truly woeful picker) and Ross Jones fading fast almost all the players must still have half an eye on promotion

Just for the record one and all, the finest 10 week season to date was David Pilkington's £7.59.  The worst 10 week season is Rob "my only wins were autopicks" Noyce's -£7.64.

The former is still very much attainable by the top two, and the latter still needs to be avoided by Steve Reeve, Jimmy Smith and James Holland.  In case you didn't know the first season lasted 31 weeks and this doesn't count for these records.


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