Season 18 - Week 4

Alan Blackley is still well clear at the top of the overall league, and still looks well set for the title, someone is going to need to be very good to catch him now..... as long as he doesn't keep on picking losers!  His nearest rival Al Smith also lost, allowing Ben Drury (5.00 Barnsley away win) and Andy Ewart (2.25 Sevilla away win to close the gap.  Darryn Cook is the only othe player within £7... although he either forgot to pick or is looking to consolidate to ensure promotion.

7 losers in the top flight (including defending champion Emma Sht Box who remains.... bottom) allow the three winners, who all picked 3.25+ winners to open up a gap at the top. Gary Moss, Craig the Sheepdip and Simon Callan all picked draws, with Callan's Man City draw the best odds.

Entwhistle, Horseman, Lewis, Jassal and Janythr... Janyth.... Jytahb and Paul have yet to pick winners at the other end.  Congratulation to Martyn Cornwell who picked his first winner in.... well seemingly forever but at least 13 games, Arsenal's win at Everton.

Picks of the week

These week we will focus on the one that was used to kill Trotsky in 1927.... oh sorry not that sort of pick.  The best picks were Drury and Kennedy who both picked Barnsely winning away at the inconsistent Ipswich at 5.00 - boo and bravo.  It was a good week for pickers as Callan picked a 4.20 (Man City v Brum draw) and 8 others broke the 3.00 mark,  It's probably a record, but I can't be bothered to research it - soz,  The other highlights are Dunk's home win pick of Stoke to beat Liverpool and Beethoven's Doncaster away win at Pompey (both at 3.60).



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