Season 18 - Week 3

Alan Blackley practically sews up the overall league in just week 3, with a cracking £12 gain from Newcastle's away win at Arsenal.  This pick is the second highest pick in the history of WP.  This win leaves hin nearly £6 clear of Al Smith in second who himself has beenin cracking form this season, with 3 good priced winners.   Darryn Cook is in third and has been consolidating with low price picks since his draw pick in week 3.

Nick Lines is still in pole position for his 5th  Pele League title, but his softly softly approach means that even Callan in 10th is only £3.18 behind.  Defending champion Emma Sht Box is in the relegation zone, but at this early stage will still have half an eye on defending her title.

10 people remain without a winner this season, Martyn Cornwell amongst them.... I'm not sure Martyn knows what a winner looks like anymore having now picked 13 losers on the bounce!

Pick of the week

Blackley's 13.00 pick was naturally the stand out pick of the week, Kerr and Tester both picked Liverpool to beat Chelsea at 4.00 for the second best pick.  Imrie, Kean and Al Smith all picked Kilmarnock away at St Johnstone at 3.60 and Cornwall picked Bolton to beat Tottenham at 3.20.

We all missed FC United winning at Rochdale at silly money.... but then again who could of picked that!


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