Season 18 - Week 2

Chris Blackley rises to the top of the overall league with a cracking 4.00 pick of Bristol City to win away at Middlesbrough.  In retrospect crazy long odds betting against a boro team that have been woeful all year.  Al Smith follows up his good 3.10 pick in week one with a solid 2.05 to move into second. Consolidation was also the name of the game for Darryn Cook following up his excellent 3.30 pick in week one with an eminently less risky 1.50.  They both showed the way for Andy Ewart who went away for the second week running and dropped to 4th following his loss.  Defending Champion Rob Weston has started his defence poorly with consecutive losses.

4 time Pele League winner Nick Lines is looking to make it 5 and currently leads the Pele League.  Nick employs a softly softly approach and has picked two winners in the range 1.50-1.70, a tactic which has brought him much silverware to date, mostly though in seasons where others struggle, with three of his Pele League titles being won with less than a +£5 score.  Defending champion Emma Shtbox currently sits in the relegation zone with -£0.7.

Picks of the Week

Blackley's Bristol City pick was the pick of the week.  Elsewhere Keeley (2.90 Bury away), Shakespeare and Andrew Jones both picked a 2.37 Forest away winner and a rare mention for Matthew Gibbons for his 2.10 Raith away win (go me!)

Unusually for this stage of the season only 18 players have yet to pick a winner - an admirably small percentage, well done!


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