Season 17 - Week 10

Pele League winner

Emma sht box, terrible name, wonderful picker.  A 7th consecutive positive season and a 2.20 Notts County home win caps a meteoric rise for Emma and secures her first Pele League title.  She ended over £2.50 clear of Craig the Sheepdip.  A sterling effort.

Overall League winner

Rob Weston picked a marvellous 3.75 winner in the QPR v Norwich draw, which allowed him to leapfrog Pete Cornwell (who picked the QPR home win) and secure his first overall title.  A relatively low winning score should not detract from a fine championship win, as this season was a tough season for pickers.

Escape of the season

Jimmy Smith picked a miraculous 5.75 (Man U v West Brom draw) to escape relegation from the top flight.  The award is shared with Dave Entwhistle who picked the same result to escape relegation from the Ali Dia League

Pick of the Season

Sean Locke picked a 7.00 winner (Rochdale away at Southampton) to secure the finest pick of the season.

Luckiest Promotion

Again this award is shared between Matt Wickham who has secured promotion to the Pele League despite only two going up and him ending with -£0.91.  Steve Keeley benefitted from 4 up in the Boogers League going up despite a loss of -£1.94

Worst Season

James Delahunt and Martyn Cornwell both picked 10 losers on the trot.  Poor effort chaps, you should be greatly ashamed.

Best of luck in the new season chaps and chappesses.


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