Season 17 - Week 8

Back to back losses for Shtbox knocks her off the top of the overall league, allowing Pete Cornwell to move to the top with a solid 2.00 pick.  Rob Weston belies his Ali Dia status to move into second, also with a 2.00 pick.  Ellie D and Matt Gibbons make up the top 5, with Ellie's 2.37 pick particularly noteworthy.  At the other end Martyn Cornwell and James Delahunt now have 8 losses on the bounce and surely must both soon stop picking away winners in the desire to avoid the -£10 season.

Losses for ShtBox and Britcliffe don't radically change the Pele league title race with Criag the Sheepdip well adrift.  A cracking win for Tony Southworth has moved him out of the relegation zone.  Lines and Callan both went safe,banking on the ineptitude of the bottom four, who duly delivered the expected losses.  The battle to avoid relegation will go to the wire though,with the bottom 7 all involved.

Picks of the Week

David Rosser puts himself in with a good chance of escaping the Dalglish League with a cracking 5.00 pick (Bristol Rovers away at Huddersfield), the third best pick of the season.  Darryn Cook also shows hot form in the same league,moving into the last promotion spot with a 3.75 pick of the Sunderland Man U draw.  Gary Moss gives himself a good chance of moving into the Pele League with a 3.25 draw pick.  Steve Keely 2.50 and Ben Warman and Ellie D (2.37) make up the top 5.



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