Season 17 - Week 7

Despite her loss, Emma Shtbox continues to lead both the overall league and the Pele League, looking to become the first double winner since Ben Gould in season 12.  Just 29p behind her is Pete Cornwell, who this week went safe for a 72p gain, a seemingly wise strategy as the others in the top 5 (Weston, Jassal and Britcliffe) all lost.   They are though all very much in the hunt, with great interest in whether Britcliffe can become the first person to retain his Overall Champion title since Rosser way back in season 5/6.

At the other end Martyn Cornwell must be hiding in shame from Pete Cornwell, and along with James Delahunt he has picked seven losers on the bounce, they now have three weeks to find a winner to avoid the ignomy of a -£10 season.  James Delahunt's reverse-Midas touch beggars belief with 5 home winners and two feasible away winners failing to come in.

No great winners this  week, the highlight being Cook and Entwhistle picking the Fulham v Everton draw at 3.30, beyond that you have to go down to Dunk at 2.20 to find the next big(gish) winner, with Moss the only other to break the 2.00 mark.

In fact this week is almost an unprecedentedly (it's a word!) bad week with only 1 winner in the Pele League (well done Nick Lines) and 2 winners in the Maradona League.  This is undoubtedly linked to the "big 4" all failing this week with Arsenal letting down 12 players, Man U 4, Liverpool 8 and Chelsea 4.  It can't continue (although as a Premiership neutral I hope it does!


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