Season 4 - Week 5

An interesting battle is developing at the top between Nick "I never pick a loser" Kelly, Richard "I pick the occasional loser, but 3 away wins keep me up there" Ingham, Tim "I picked one good winner and now am backing Celtic for the rest of the season" Hughes and Andrew "That'll never come in, oh look it has" Wickett.  There is a real clash of styles as Tim and Nick seem to be trying to pick 10 low-priced winners, and Andrew and Richard pick mainly aways and draws (but with frightening success).  Regardless they are all £3.40+ and in fine fettle.

Pele League - Potential Winnings £31,362; Success 5/10

David Lloyd and Nick Lines open up a bit of a gap at the top, with sensible (read boring) picks.  Tony climbs thanks to an inspired Tottenham fight-back.  Chris continues his climb away from the relegation zone, choosing safety, in the knowledge that others will surely fail..... and they did Paul Chadbourne, Matt Haywood, Paul Drury and James Holland all continuing their miserable season with another loss.

Lineker League - £272,921; 4/10

Not a hugely succesful week, unsurprising really as Charlton, West Ham and Dunfermaline were all backed - do people not look at league tables!  Richard Ingham's pick of Blackburn to beat Bolton was inspired, overshadowing Jon Dunk's Wolves success.  Nick Kelly, Richard and Joel Wrigley are locked in a 3-way tussle at the top.  The bottom 5 are cast adrift, all shockingly poor.  Jimmy Smith rests gently on the bottom, but is less than a pound behind David Pilkington.  This promises to be a hard league to get out of at either end.

Dickov League - £84,148; 5/10

The leader in this league (Ben Gould) is a mere 9th overall and would not be in the top two in any other league... but you can only beat what is put in front of you and despite Paul Hickey heroically picking a draw, the rest of the league are dismal.  Only three others are in positive figures, although on the bright side, with only £4.55 separating the top from the bottom, it is the closest league, and quite literally anybodies game.

Lee League - £3,965; 5/9

The only league to achieve a greater than 50% success rate, albeit with easily the lowest return, it continue to be dominated by Hughes, Wickett and Jones (R).  Ross Jones lost his 100% record this week and with it a promotion spot, as Andrew Wickett responded to his last minute disappointment last week with a sterling away pick of Sunderland to beat promotion challengers West Brom.  Tim Hughes continues his policy of safety first in his bid to finally have a succesful season.  With an impressive 6/9 in positive figures (and Matt Bailey only just negative on -0.14) Stephen Rodgers and Dean Lemm can feel aggrieved to be so far adrift.  Indeed neither would be in the bottom three in the top two leagues.  It is tough when you're at the bottom.

Finally a little poem for your enjoyment

A is for away picks, they make me smile

B is for Ben Gould whos top by a mile

C is for Chris C, who relegated me

D is for Dunk, going down to Div 3

E is for Everton, a sure thing at home

F is for Finding out, a sure things not known

G is for Gibbons theres me and my Dad

H is for Hughes historically bad

I is for Ingham, its easy for him

J is for Jimmy, whos seems to be dim

K is for Kelly, whos rising up fast

L is for Lemm, whos heading for last

M is for Matt, theres Britcliffe and Haywood

N is for Nik Simms, mostly he's quite good

O is for Oh no, when youve made a blunder

P is for Pilkington a one-season wonder

Q is for Quitting, weve lost some bad losers

R is for Rob, avoid what he chooses

S is for Shakespeare, hes utterly shite

T is for Tony, he developed this site

U is for Using the romance of the cup

V is for Virdi, will he ever go up

W is for Wickett, who picks an away win

X is for score draw, why won't it come in

Y is for why have I not given you a shout

Z is the end, because the letters have run out



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