Season 17 - Week 5

Two epic picks last week, the best being Jeevan Jassal's Blackpool win at Newcastle. Worth 5 points and easy to see the value with hindsight. Next was Matt Britcliffe with the Man City Blackburn draw. 4 points for the habitual Rovers follower. Cheltenham's home win against Stevenage earned Rob Weston 1.62, the third best pick last week, moving him top of his league.

Two people had the Leeds comeback against Swansea, Ben Gould and Chris Blackley with 1.25 each. Two people also had the Kilmarnock v St Mirren home win, Andy Ewart and Robert Kean picking up 1.10. Last of the noteworthy picks was QPR's continuing good start to the season as they beat Middlesbrough at home for 1.05, Pete Cornwell, Jonathan Dunk, Daniel Cook and Andrew Jones getting this right.


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