Season 17 - Week 4

Rob Weston flies to the top of the overall league, with a cracking 3.25 pick in the Accrington Stanley v Wycome game.  This pick was enough to give him the lead ahead of a cautious bunch of pickers, with Blacker, ShtBox and Gibbons all looking to consolidate their position towards the top end of the overall league.  At the other end of the league 9 people are stuck on -£4.... it is probably too early to sound the alarm bells and start going for long-shots, but it is time to get a score on the board.  In what is proving to be a tough season for pickers, only 44 out of 113 pickers are in positive figures.

In the Pele League ShtBox and Sheepdip both went ultra-cautious (1.01), which was enough to open a £3+ lead on Booth who lost, but one of them will need to be bold at some point to secure their debut Pele League titles.

Picks of the Week

Sean Locke picks the highest rated (successful) pick of the season, backing Rochdale to win awat at Southampton at 6.00.  This makes Steve Tester's pick of the Switzerland v Australia draw at 3.40 appear meagre, but a succesful friendly international pick is traditionally challenging, draws even more so!  Weston's pick was the third best and Shakespeare was the only other player above 3.00

Gotta dash, son crying, presumably because I'm writing my analysis instead of propping him up in front of the England game.  3 months old and he already knows how to be grumpy if he is missing the football.... I'm so proud.


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