Season 17 - Week 3

Three weeks in and we still have no runaway leaders, the top two (Blackers & ShtBox) are level on points at £3.75 and the top five are separated by just 65p.  At the other end 14 people have yet to find a winner and remain fixed on -£3.

Shtbox and Sheepdip may be regretting using pseudonyms (at least I hope to God they are pseudonyms!) now that they lead the Pele League by some margin (over £2).  At the other end of the Pele League the bottom 5 all lost, leaving Simon Callan's 11p sufficient to remove him from the relegation zone.

Picks of the week

The best pick of the week was by.... me!  Ha ha in your face losers, how did none of you pick Sunderland to roll over Man City at 4.20.  A victory made all the sweeter by my Dad backing Man City... okay it was a lucky last minute penalty but the points are mine all mine... uh hm.. anyway Emma Sht Box picks her second draw in 3 weeks (fine effort) backing Fulham and Blackpool to draw at 3.25, whilst Craig the Sheepdip picked the Wolves Newcastle draw at a marginally lower 3.20.  Blackley and Blackers completing the top 5 picks with away wins for Leeds and Peterborough.

Top Leagues

So I hear you ask, which league is doing best?  Well the Shearer and Pele Leagues are leading the way both with an 86p profit.  They are the only leagues in profit.  The Dickov League is by far the worst down over £8 already.

Home or Away

So my imgainary voice in the head, I also hear you ask whether to go home or away, well early on the answer seems to be neither,with draws heading the way in a £7+ profit shock.  As per normal home wins would seem to be the worst choice losing £35 to the away picks £14, although they are only marginally worse on a per pound bet basis, losing 15.5p per pound bet to the away picks 14.8p  Draws are making an impressive 33p per pound to date, although historically they are normally a poor choice.

Och aye

Every single Scottish league is in profit, if you are looking for a league to pick from. whereas all English leagues and the French Championnat are all losing money, so go North where the picks are easy, just like the women (snarfle)

Gibbo out




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