Season 17 - Week 1

Blimey guys we are now in Season 17 of weekend predictor, and if you are anything like me you will be optimistic for the times ahead. If I have a good run I could gain promotion in the first 10 weeks and be top by Xmas..... although if you are like me then the season has started with disaster and you are already playing catch up!

Craig Lowe had no such disaster, starting the season off with an admirable 4.33 pick, Emma Sht Box (3.50), Mervyn Davis (3.25), Craig the Sheepdip (3.25) and Pete Cornwell (3.2) also start the season £2+ in credit thanks to their 3.00+ winner.

55 people started the season with a loss,but with 9 weeks of the season left to go, there is still plenty of time to recover lost ground


Pele League

Defending overall champion Matt Britcliffe (twice winner in three years) started well in his quest for the top league title, picking a 2.75 winner, but Emma Sht Box and Craig started even better. The top flight has three founder members in it (Smith, Lines, Southworth), but none started well and now that the cream had largely risen to the top, the top flight is getting ever more competitive.

Overall League

With analysis largely redundant due to us only being one game in, it is worth reviewing what is required to win the overall league nowadays. In the early days a gain of £5-7 was often enough to procure the title, but with more players came a higher threshold and the halycon years of £10+ seasons were initiated by the legendary David Rosser in Season 5. Although the next two seasons were quieter, Nik Simms kicked off a run of 4 £10+ winning seasons with the still record score of £13.55. Since then we have regressed once more with Britcliffe's winning score of £9.09 last season the highest score since season 11. So all you need to do is pick 10 evens shots and you're there..... easy!



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