Season 16 - Week 9

Matt Britcliffe's strategic picking keeps him ahead as the chasing pack all lose. He went with the Everton home win and was almost foiled by a resilient Portsmouth but he now extends his lead to 2.86 which is surely enough going into the last week to secure his second title in three seasons.

There were not many notable winners this week as end of season nerves and teams going on holiday early ripped up the form book. The top prediction was Danny Lewis' 2.20 for the Palermo Sampdoria draw. This is the time of year when there seems to be a lot of draws in the Italian league for some reason and this may well be a good area to look at this week.

The rest of the top picks came in the two Championship playoff games with both Simon Gurd and Paul Janyshiwskyj earning 2.10 for Cardiff beating Leicester away from home. Ian Booth and Tim Lines both had the Blackpool home result against Forest. This must have been a bitter pill to swallow for Booth who is a Preston season ticket holder.

Both Lewis and Booth even with these victories are still in the relegation places of the Pele league and will need similar results this week to see themselves safe. Craig the ram is over 5 points clear at the top so the title is his, barring any last weekend miracles.

Craig the sheepdip is similarly well clear at the top of the Maradona and will be in the top flight next season. The chase for second is not quite as clear as Ricky Jones' amazing form comes to an end and he is overtaken by John Fields. The four in the relegation places have to make up at least 1.8 to survive so these are probably doomed.

Matt Britcliffe is pretty much guaranteed top league predicting next season but who will join him from the Gary Lineker? Matthew Gibbons is well placed 1.23 clear of Simon Callan but he has been known to bottle it before so take nothing for granted. The battle to avoid relegation is going to the wire with Jake Jones and Sohail Virdi separated by 0.47, there could well be a positive figures relegation here.

There is a reduced fixture list this weekend with most leagues finishing early due to the World Cup. We will not be operating during the tournament but if you want to play a similar game The Football Pools is highly recommended and a chance to win some money for your predicting.


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