Season 16 - Week 7

Matt Britcliffe soars to the top of the overall league with yet another Blackburn draw. He's really using his knowledge of Rovers current form well with only the Everton late winner from last week stopping him from reaching double figures.

Steve Tester also got on board the Rovers draw train (it was fairly obvious looking back at Wolves form) to net himself 2.25 profit. Also winning 2.25 was Jonathan Dunk with the Sunderland away win at Hull.

Next up of the top picks this week were Martyn Cornwell and Al Smith with the Auxerre away win at Toulouse, good knowledge of the French league there.

Ricky Jones continues his amazing turnaround with a 1.6 pick of Inverness away at Ayr. He's gone from five consecutive losses to plus 2.1 and serious contention for a place in the top league.

Tim Lines 1.40 prediction of Watford's home win against Reading and Hannah Cook's Leicester away win at Preston make up the top picks of week 7.

Hannah is on a good win streak, second only to Ricky Jones, and is nicely positioned in third for an assault on the overall league title.



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