Season 4 - Week 4

Like many things, it all seems so easy when you get it right.  I confidently plumped for Everton on Friday and smugly watched as they romped home to an easy victory.  "Simple" I said to myself, "if Everton were at home then it would be a banker, why would it be any different on their travels, 2.25 is ridiculously long"..... and so it proved, but in those moments of elation and clarity you forget all too easily those weeks where logic was defeated, where common sense does not have the common decency to come in.... so Jimmy Smith care to share the logic behind you thinking West Ham could beat Charlton or Richard Ingham why you thought Bolton could come away from White Hart Lane with the 3 points or Simon Gurd what possessed you to pick Portsmouth away at Blackburn? 

These picks look stupid now, but I'm sure there was rhyme or reason somewhere along the line..... then of course you get those breaks that don't go your way, those little things that make you think that you are beginning to jinx the teams you pick, the ones that never go your way when you're in a rut.  Solano missing the penalty at Wigan probably cost Gary Lewis and Steve Reeve their moment of glory and Andrew Wickett was probably dancing his jig of joy when Sunderland got their late winner against Derby, spoiling his draw.....

So pat yourself on the back David Lloyd, Nick Kelly, Rob Noyce and Tim Hughes, with 4/4 it all seems so easy now, but save some of that joy for a rainy day.  David Pilkington who found this all so easy in his first season (and still holds the record for a ten week mini-season with over £8+), is struggling now, yes Reading had never let you down, yes Middlesbrough are rubbish, but past performance is not a guarantee of future success...... anyway

I'm going to concentrate on the overall league this week, with just 34p separating the top 3, Ross Jones had his game called off, which may have just kept him his top spot, Nick Kelly and Tim Hughes have not yet put a foot wrong in their pursuit, and their predeliction for safety over sensationalism may well send this league to the wire.   Who will falter first?

Behind them is a further 11 players all competing for UEFA cup predicting next year, some of them the same old names (Nick Lines, Matt Gibbons, David Lloyd & Rob Noyce, founder members and rarely too far from the top), some of them young bucks wanting to make a name for themselves with outrageous picks and a jaunty swagger.  Andrew Wickett would be top now, but for a late winner from Sunderland.  The Ian Booths, Ben Goulds and Craig Lowes are beginning to establish names for themselves at the top end of the table and may yet go down in history as Nostradamii (it's the right ending, I did Latin at school I'll have you know!)

And then we begin to sink..... Pete Finch, Darren Clare and Matt Bailey are just a win away from positive figures, but are beginning to resemble that 35 year old actor, still looking for a break, the looks are going, the pounds are getting harder to shift off the waist and unless that break comes, soon they'll soon be selling their bodies for a hit of crack out the back of Sunset Boulevard (it's a metaphor, don't take it personally)...

And we sink yet further, down down down to the depths of despair, to the strongest players in the game, those who are propping up the entire league.  The bottom 3 are a disgrace to the Pele league, Paul Drury, Chris Cornwall and James Holland you should be ashamed.  Admittedly they've all chosen at least one winner which means that the bottom 14 are separated by just 97p, there is still time, but it's gotta come soon guys, it's gotta come soon.

Quick league summary: Top league is dominated by Lloyd, Lines and Gibbons, in a three way tussle for the top.  Nick Kelly is bitching the second league, Noyce, Wrigley Ingham looking for second promotion spot.  Simms and Gould only two capable of positive figures in the Dickov League.  Ross Jones and Hughes are running away with Lee League, both got £3+

Gibbo out


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