Season 16 - Week 6

The Spurs victory over Chelsea along with the losses of the previous top two has transformed the overall league, with Ben Warman the new leader by almost 1.5. He was not alone in predicting this result as two others, Dougal Kerr and Hannah Cook, also jumped on the 3.2 winning upset. Another 3.2 winner was James Darby's pick of the unlikely Bolton victory at Stoke. The biggest win this week though was for Ricky Jones,who somehow got the points for the Arsenal collapse at Wigan. This win of 5.5 has stopped his run of five previous losers and takes him back to a positive score, but unfortunately not out of the relegation zone in the ultra competitive Maradonna league. Other notable wins came for Matt Gibbons and Simon Gurd with Everton's last minute win over Blackburn netting them 1.75 and Trevor Gibbons, Johnathan Dunk and Daniel Cook's prediction of Southampton's result at Yeovil worth 1.10. So a good week for the Gibbons and Cook clans.

It was a cautious week for the Pele league as low odds winners consolidated the top positions. Craig the ram is 3.15 clear at the top and will take some catching for the top league title. Emma sht box is his closest rival who is herself well clear of third. Tony Southworth climbs into a positive score as the rest of the league tries to make up for previous bad form.

The Maradonna league is still headed by Craig the sheepdip a massive 2.7 clear despite picking a loser this week. John Fields remains in second but Ayako Ono is closing fast in third. Julia Ingham needs to up her game if she is going to stay in this very competitive league.

The Gary Lineker league is dominated by Matt Britcliffe who is 2.6 clear of Gibbo even with his loss. Gibbo's 1.75 win signals his intentions for promotion back to the top flight this season.

We've got four people still winless at this point; Michael Kennedy, Rob Weston, Danny Lewis and Grant Elder need to sort it out.


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