Season 16 - Week 5

Plenty of big wins this week with the standouts being Aiku Ademola's pick of Burnley's suprise thrashing of Hull and Matt Britcliffe's and Chris Blackley's prediction of Blackburn holding Man Utd at Ewood Park. The two Craigs both bagged draws, 'the ram' having the Barnsley Derby Draw and 'the sheepdip' picking the Cardiff Reading Draw. Two people also spotted Notts County's continuing championship form with their away win at Northampton, emma sht box and Al Smith with the skills. Tony Southworth relied on his knowledge of Mallorca's home form for another big value pick and Ben Warman kept up his excellent form with the Sampdoria  home win. Six people saw the exceptional value to be had in West Brom's promotion clinching win at Doncaster, well done Chris Cornwall, Matthew Gibbons, Dave Entwistle, Richard Ingham, Daniel Cook and Robert Kean.

Craig the ram's draw pick means he's extended his lead at the top of the Pele despite emma sht box's big away win. Everyone else in the league is in negative figures as the top league fails to live up to expectations yet again.

The Maradonna and Gary Lineker leagues contain two runaway leaders who are also one-two in the overall league. Craig the sheepdip leads the way with 6.70 whilst Matt Britcliffe isn't far behind with 6.41. The Maradonna league has seven people in positive figures with only really Ricky Jones letting the side down with no winners picked as yet.

The leaders in the overall league all won with Aiku Ademola the big mover up into third. If they can all keep this form going it's going to be close and it will need an excellent score to win it.


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