Season 16 - Week 3

Sean Picks Prediction Locke

That’s the headline most of the tabloids went with this weekend as Sean takes a break from his UK tour to find value in Aldershot away. A great call at 3.75 as Aldeshot gain ground on one of their playoff rivals and Sean is propelled to the top of the overall league. Remarkably this pick was bettered by Gary Moss who foresaw West Ham extending their woeful run of consecutive losses to six. The 3.8 on offer for Stoke’s victory looks exceptional value in hindsight and was the highlight of a faultless week for the Pineapple league of which Gary sits atop. Whilst a suspicious number of low odds picks suggest autopicking may have helped some I think this might be the first time everyone in a league has picked successfully in the same week. If anyone did manage to place the accumulator they would have been paid out at 70/1!!!

Other notable picks this week include the Huddersfield vs Charlton draw spotted by Craig the Ram who is presumably a Derby supporter and may have been sizing up potential opponents for next season. A special mention should also be made to the trio of better than evens successes in the Gary Lineker league as a Europa distracted Fulham fell to Hull for Simon Callan and the away successes of Rennes and Blackburn guaranteed a good weekend for Martyn Cornwell and Matt Britcliffe respectively. With this result Matt continues to put pressure on our overall leader (Sean Locke not Gordon Brown) and even the more remarkable as he shows faith in his beloved Blackburn in their local derby rather than hedging as many of the rest of us would have done.

There were alot of very short priced winners across the leagues nowhere more so than in the Alan Shearer league where risk junkie Dougal Kerr blitzed his way out of the relegation zone with a league leading 1.33 pick of Rochdale at home. Also, surprisingly every league contained a pick of Celtic at home despite both their recent form and the measly 1.14 on offer.

Early days for talk of league winners and relegations but congratulations to everyone at the head of their respective leagues and good luck to the eleven of you yet to find a winner this season.


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