Season 15 - Week 9

Danny Lewis still looks set for the overall title, despite another loss, with the chasing pack needing £5+ winners in week 10 and most of them fighting for promotion / titles of their own, I suspect they will concentrate on their micro-targets.  Sean Locke heroically escaped the ignomy of a 100% failure rate with a Man City away win pick at 7.50!!!!

I'll focus on a league-by-league analysis this week as we are entering the crucial week 10.  This takes ages, so you'd better read it all!!!

Pele League

It couldn't be any tighter at the top with Ian Booth and Trevor Gibbons separated by alphabetism alone.  We might see some picking and counter-picking as they battle to find the winner that takes them to their debut Pele League titles.  Behind them one-time winner Southworth and four-time winner Lines (Sr) are still within shooting range.

In a hugely impressive and competitive league only Britcliffe looks doomed, with the other 9 players in positive figures.  Cornwall and Smith have picked back-to-back big winners to give themselves realistic chances of escape and even Lines (Sr) on £2.18 in 4th will be forced to look down as a loss for Lines and even the smallest winners for the rest would relegate the multiple title winning legend

Maradona League

Gould and Fields lead the way (Fields has climbed the leagues from the bottom, and will be a threat were he to gain promotion), but with an unlucky Malone in 3rd, despite his £2.69, they are far from safe in the promotion zone.  Tim Lines looks set for successive relegations (having previously gone 13 seasons without relegation) and Conduit also looks in deep strife, but Dunk and Omorikemwen have every chance of catching Ingham and Clare who cannot afford a slip-up in Week 10

Lineker League

With Danny Lewis up from Week 1, the others have been chasing the remaining promotion spot with varied success.  Current incumbent Ball picked the wrong week to lose, and is now only £2.15 from Gary Lewis in the first relegation spot.   Storey, Baker, Callan and Sht Box will all be facing difficult decisions as to whether to go for promotion or look to stave off relegation.  Simms (all time winner), Shakespeare (Pele winner * 2) and Rosser (Pele winner *2 + All-time winner *2) are all a fair way from safety and make up and illustrious relegation zone, needing progressively bigger picks respectively.

Shearer League

Sheepdipping Craig and Ricky Jones look set for promotion a safe pick away from surety.  With Hastie in range those in 3rd to 6th will probably be looking to safeguard their Shearer League status rather than go for glory, although with Blackers also finding the Man City winner, she may feel she is on a roll and go all out for promotion.  Blackers winner dragged Hastie into the relegation zone, and Lowe and Crunkhorn picked bigger and big winners respectively to leave them a sniff of safety.  Hughes looks doomed.

Dickov League

A shocking league, with the two promotion contenders on a mere 86p, but this does make it exciting with Elder and Owen close on their tails, and even Buckland in the relegation zone having and outside chance of promotion if results go his way.  Kelly and Blackley remain close enough to escae relegation, but you have to feel that Ingham has gone, this erstwhile picking legend now trawling the after-dinner speaking scene living on past glories.

Lee League

Another high performing league, with the top 6 all in positive figures, and all in with a chance of promotion.  Weston and Thompson hold the top two spots, but Edge, Beech and Cornwell could all gain promotion if the top two fail, and Daniel Cook is also in with a shout if he picks a good winner, although you must expect him to be looking down with F.T.J only £1.14 behind in the first relegation zone.  Jones and Bradbury must start preparing for life in the next tier of the pyramid system, with Lythe needing a at least a 3.30 even with results going his way elsewhere.

Dia League

Noyce and Gibbons hold a reasonably comfortable lead over McKenzie and Virdi, and would expect promotion now, especially given the proximity of Gill and George in the relegation zone.  Entwhistle has gone from promotion hopeful to relegation threatened on the back of successive losses. Similarly a poorly timed loss has dashed Janyshiwskyj's chances of promotion.  Gordon and Lewis look a long way from safety, and may suffer with the autopickers leaving them needing an even bigger winner.

Boogers League

We now progress to the leagues with 4 up and no down, and correspondingly it becomes harder to predict and the bottom four/five have no incentive to play safe and can go all out for promotion.  Locke's big winner gives him a remarkable chance at promotion and only Wrigley looks safe in the promotion zone.  Kerr has potentially got too much to do in 8th, but has the luxury of being able to go for the 4-5.00 winner he needs without repurcussions.

Devine League

Wibowo and Imrie have probably done enough, but the other two promotion spots are up for grabs with Drury, Ellie D and Collins all within a couple of pounds of promotion.  Canny picking from Nikuradze and Cornwell may see them promoted, but as mentioned before the bottom four can truly go for it.

Gascoigne League

Well with 1st to 7th separated by only £1.66 the chase for promotion is well and truly on.  Only Wasup bitch (not you!) is out of the race £4.50 adrift at the bottom.  Matt and Gary Moss have probably got enough of a cushion to bank their way to promotion, but the 83p between Wilkinson in 3rd and McGuffie in 7th means a true battle for the other two spots.

Dalglish League

Cook takes advantage of Warman's game being called off to sneak into the lead, but you would still expect both to be promoted with safe picking.  Smith and Tester face a more challenging week 10 with the bottom 5 all in with a shot.  With 9th placed Rimington on -£0.39, only £1.50 off promotion, we genuinely have a league with all players in with a chance of glory going into week 10.

Holdsworth League

Blackley and Ewart are the stand-outs of the next generation of pickers.


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