Season 15 - Week 8

Danny Lewis has found that winner that all but guarantees him the overall title, especially combined with the ineptitude of the guy previously in 2nd.  Having said that with some tempters this week (Stoke at home to Arsenal - Villa to beat Man U) there may yet be a twist in the tale.  Wrigley, Gibbons (T), Noyce and Gould make up the chasing pack, all £5+ back though.

Despite his best attempts to find a banker Sean Locke is still 0/8 - dirty Leeds letting him down against Brighton, and accordinly he props up the table.

Trevor Gibbons continues to lead the Pele league, and remains in pole position for his first silverware, but with Booth within a £1 and a further 4-5 players within shooting distance, it is far from secure, especially when one of those chasing pack is 4 time winner Nick Lines.  At the other end both Cornwall and Smith found big (3.20+) winners to close the gap on the safety zone, with 4th to 9th separated by a good pick, those in the chasing pack for the title may forsake glory for safety.

Picks of the Week

Chris Blackley heads the way with an impressive pick of the Leeds v Brighton draw at 4.50.  Daniel Cook spotted Coventry's continuation of their good form with a 3.40 away winner against beleaguered Crystal Palace.  Jimmy Smith and Jen Lewis both picked the Man City v Liverpool bore draw at 3.30 and three people spotted Stoke capitalising on another financially broken club (Portsmouth) at 3.20 (go on then, I'll name you Cornwall, Julia Ingham and Darryn Cook).

Looking up or down

The (sometimes) criticised 4 up 4 down structure has led to a number of players being unsure of whether to look up or down.  The worst league for this is the Paul Dickov League where the gap between promotion and relegation is a mere £2.09, not much better is the Ali Dia League (£2.52).  Only the Maradona and Shearer Leagues (£4.20 & £4.03) have any sort of decent gap.  Do we need to change the system?  Let us know on the forum.  The reason it was introduced was to allow the pyramid system, allowing for quicker progress to the top flight.  Would 2 down and only 1 up be better?  Is there another way to do it (3 leagues feeding into 2 somehow?) - Suggestions gratefully received.


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