Season 15 - Week 7

Danny Lewis continues to lead the way, despite another loss, and his £4.88 lead should be enough to guarantee the title, even with 3 weeks remaining.  But pressure is a funny thing, and he'll need to find winners in at least 2 of the weeks to ensure his safety.  Matthew Gibbons has found a run of form and moves into 2nd place in the overall league, Joel Wrigley, Ricky Jones and Rob Noyce make up a tightly packed top 5, as the remaining players bunch behind the runaway leader.  Sean Locke is the only player to have picked losers every week, although if you take out the called off games David Rosser, Craig Lowe, Jen Lewis and Dougal Kerr are also in the 0% winners group.

Trevor Gibbons makes it a good week for the Gibbons clan by rising to the top of the Pele League, taking advantage of slips by Lloyd and Southworth.  A tightly packed top 6 though (separated by a mere £1.36) means that this remains the most open Pele League title for some years, the bottom four looking increasingly adrift as the top 6 put in consistent, if unspectacular performances.

Picks of the Week

Mark McGuigan welcome to the game, you picked the longest odds result of the week - what a start! - Mark's Reading v West Brom draw gaining him £2.30 - a whisker ahead of the £2.25 gained by Britcliffe, Weston and Virdi, who also successfully picked draws.  In a low scoring week, the nailed on Coventy home win (picked by Cornwall and Gibbons jr) was the next best winner (£1.30).

Put into perspective Mark's winner, although good, was only the 14th best pick of the season.  Danny Lewis' 11.00 Leeds away win at Man U leads the way, beneath that is a collection of results predominantly bets against the big four, Craig Storey making the list twice (how are you not winning your league!!!)

Form League

Are you hot hot hot?  Darryn Cook is, leading the table for results in the last 3 weeks.

Darryn Cook 4.05
Dave Entwistle 3.6
Matthew Gibbons 2.82
Joel Wrigley 2.41
Mark McGuigan 2.3

Or are you not not not?  The following players couldn't find a winner in the following sentence:  you can't win nerd boy

Paul Shakespeare -3
David Rosser -3
Craig Lowe -3
wasup bitch -3
Jen Lewis -3
Lisa Bradbury -3
Sean Locke -3
Richard Rimington -3


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